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Wednesday, February 21, 2001

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Colleen Kristen Brewster started the show to defend the guy accused of spying. She claims that he was just living a "really exciting life". Colleen claims to have carried some packages just for the thrill.

Phil wrapped up the first hour with a rant about Temptation Island and befriending a gay couple in Cancun who fawned all over Maria.

Vernon Dozier was on the show in the second hour to discuss Eminem. He says that Eminem's lyrics point out a normal adolescent boy's desire to rape his mother.

The second hour was closed out by Chris Norton.  He claims that people watch Temptation Island because those people are beautiful heroes.

Brad Riffkin was on the show in the third hour to discuss the dead man found in the wheel well of a jet. Brad thinks that he probably was treated badly by airline staff and was so disoriented that he ended up there.


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