Hour 1:

Steve Bosell is suing Kenny Rogers Roasters as well as his wife because of a humiliating incident that occurred there this past weekend involving a lost wallet. Coast to Coast with Art Bell: Art and General Johnson Jameson attempt to make contact with the ghost of Bob Denver.

Hour 2:

The Phil Hendrie Show presents The Billy the Orphan Show. Phil plays the famous “All You Can Eat Negro” flashback, Bud says Phil’s voice sounded gay. Kyle teaches Yoga to Phil in the studio. The PHS presents the Ozzy Osborne Radio Talk Show and Scared Straight: Disneyland Edition.

Hour 3:

Art Griego calls in because he believes the handling of luggage is a courtesy to airline customers. Tune in to see what happens when Art tells the listeners that he thinks pilots have a right to throw a bag off the plane if they see fit. Hal and Viola even call in to tell Phil they agree with Art.

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    Real player – link not found – although that could be me, I haven't used RP in over a year

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