The verdict  in the trial of former BART cop Johannes Mehserle in the shooting death of Oscar Grant III prompted protests today in Oakland, some getting a little rough with fires and broken windows. Professor Emory Clayton was in Oakland and decided on a form of “civil disobedience” that wouldn’t hurt anyone. He walked down Broadway holding the last of a lunchtime apple he was eating. When he saw a white woman with a particularly big butt locking up her store, he threw the apple at her ass and ran back to his car. He told Phil on the show “as I ran I could feel the police brutality all over me. No cop actually hit me but that’s not the point. I was doing 500 years of swamp running.”

Next, Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police was also in Oakland helping out another citizens “police” auxiliary, the San Francisco Seals. That’s right. They’re named after the old hockey team. Anyway, once Jay saw a high number of white people gathering to protest along with black people he realized the black people there might resent the whites because of their tendency to “make protests about police brutality look silly with cell phones and waving at cameras they don’t see.” Sub-Commander Gleason was upstairs in a hotel room watching the street gatherings on TV and sure enough went to the window and gave Jay the “high-sign, two thumbs up and one thumb down, which means the protests looks stupid. He was telling us to move the whites down a block and get them coffee.”

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    as a gay man and a gay doctor,, i still have a problem with the words.. "Log In" Phil….. Phil>>? im gay,, you know im gay,, right Phil.. Phil??? and as a gay man and a gay doctor, i used to be a gay man and a gay student,, now i have gay medical eye,, and i dont like what it sees…. please ohh please correct this term . how bout,, sign in.. check in,,,, etc… forever gayly yours,, Sessyman……

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    Audio is absolutely fantastic…

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