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Wednesday, June 29, 2005

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Hour 1:

Father McQuarters and other cardinals have joined together in Rome to discuss the sainthood of Pope John Paul the 2nd. The Father turns black whenever Phil turns the music down! Phil replies to spam e-mails. Tsunami Sam sings a song about Tom Cruise in honor of "War of the Worlds." Phil talks a little bit about the film. Jeff Dowder shares some ideas with Phil on how Al Quaida can enter the country. Hal and Viola are dragging an ad for the "17th" annual R.V. caravan behind their plane.

Hour 2:

Summer school teacher Vernon Dozier says his students are allowed to come to school in their bathing suits. Mavis Leonard warns not to come to Florida because of shark attacks.

Hour 3:

David G. Hall fires Phil for saying "Big box," right before he fires Bud and hires Harvey Wireman and Lloyd Bonifide. Margaret Grey joins us with a program called "Cavalcade of Cows." Herb Sewell joins us with a program called "Filmstars I'd like to take into my basement." Phil reads some e-mail.


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