Bobbie and Steve Dooley were holding an information fair at Western Estates so that people can know the difference between a low income gated community like what they have in Sanford, Fl. and their own high income gated community, the beautiful WE.

Father James McQuarters believes we should do like the song “Saturday Night Special” says and dump all the guns in the bottom of the sea. The Father’s claims of tough love take a nasty turn though when he tells Phil’s audience that, out of love, he refers to his black students as “nappy-headed n******”.

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    "When you're really ready to play, play Prem Nevada!"

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    you observation of Zimmerman sounds very reasonable to me . in fact Zimmerman seems to be a version of jay Santos. but Friday 3/23/2012 CBS did report that zimmerman passed a voice stress test as to what happened so it may be possible trayvon had words with Zimmerman and could have cold cocked Zimmerman. we just don't know but there was a 2nd witness who claimed they called the police and if so play the damn 911 call if true. this 2nd witness claimed trayvon was punching Zimmerman head while he was on the ground.

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    Hilarious…Phil at his best. Bobbie and the Jamaican caller put me in stitches.

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    BrettunsVillage, are you talking about that caller, Mike, who was agreeing with Bobbie? That guy was a crack up! I've never ever heard anyone agree with her before, and probably never will again.

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    I liked the way the one caller said "The smartest people I ever met was in prison" – I think that was a true statement for that guy.

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    Bud is much better on the radio than he was some years ago.

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