Hour One:

The opens with Professor Husband Ginther and “Man At War.” The Professor attempts to talk about Pearl Harbor but is drowned out by a high school band practicing and some guy jack hammering the street. When Phil intervenes, the Professor scolds Phil for not having the guts to talk about WW2 crap himself instead of inventing some bag of wind British professor to do it. Phil then extolled the virtues of the city of Miami, the first city in America that “got” the Phil Hendrie Show. Premiere talk show host Glenn Beck offers to “buy” Terri Schiavo from her husband and Phil knocks it. But David G. Hall calls and asks Phil if he has any better ideas on how to promote a radio show. Then Phil tells the audience that Rod Price of Foghat died and that prompts outrage from the callers telling Phil he shouldn’t say the word “Rod.” Jeff Dowder calls in with an idea for a tasteless contest…so tasteless that David Hall wants Phil to play a clown horn over and over so people will know “it’s all in fun.”

Hour Two:

The Reverend Jim Pauley is on to talk about his “romantic” ministry. He doesn’t care if its a woman or a man, he will get “romantic” with them, stopping just short of sex, in order to spread the word of God. At one point he talks about being in Palm Springs with 35 gay men, all nude in a room together watching porn, telling them about Jesus and having some guy sucking his toes.

Hour Three:

Phil talks about not being able to get a room at a resort hotel in Mexico because he made a crack about their shrimp cocktail giving him “the squirts.” Herb Sewell, pervert-turned-commentator, comes on to report on another day at the Michael Jackson trial and tell more Walter Bellhaven stories, the serial murderer he was locked up with who, according to Herb, is also “a great card player.” Hal and Viola Leveliere call in to ask “isn’t this whole Minnesota shooting a tempest in a t-shirt.” Then they try “T-Bird,” “Ice-T,” “t-top,” and “tee-pee” before Phil screams, “It’s teapot!” Then they stall out and crash into the Stratosphere Hotel in ‘Vegas. British tabloid writer Karl Mizla then comes on to say he thinks Angelina Jolie looks “rode hard and put up wet.”

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