Classic Hour

Phil conducts two very weird interviews, one with a distracted Vernon Dozier who mentions that he’s “hungover” but that he did not use drugs or alcohol the night before. The other is with construction contractor Steve Bosell who reflects on the passing of NASA engineer Bob Ebeling, who predicted the Challenger would blow up. Steve remembers a crash he feels he caused and could have prevented involving him breaking a wind so foul it disoriented the driver of the truck he was in.

After the show stay tuned for the BSP Classic hour, featuring a clip from Hour 3 of July 30, 2003. Dean Wheeler says that giving a kidney to the parent of a girl you raped makes it okay… and he also hates Volkswagens.

Episode 604 from The World of Phil Hendrie podcast.

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  • Avatar

    In my own sweet way and in my own sweet time.

  • Andrew

    Awww man. You can’t even use the Hendrie-staple of ‘carved it a new ass’ any longer without self-censorsing? One of these advertisers must be real prudes.

  • henry

    I want to hear your thoughts that is one of the things that makes your show great.

  • Michael Hoffmann
    Michael Hoffmann

    Hey Phil – when I saw this story about some freak-on-a-stick throwing a snake into a restaurant in L.A. (link below) I thought maybe it happened at Ted’s of B.H. and it was the Dunphy brothers sending a “message” to Ted Bell. Turns out it was a sushi restuarant…

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