Hour One:

Margaret Grey talks about her son Jason Jay Delmonico, a boy she and Frank adopted, and now he is in a movie. She’s proud because when you adopt a kid, according to Margaret, its like picking a perfectly good bologna sandwich out of a garbage pail……

Hour Two:

Rudy Canosa, owner of Je t’aime Lingerie discussed the Minutemen, a citizens group patrolling the border of Mexican looking for illegals. Rudy said that if they kept up that kind of pressure, illegals already in the United States would get upset and we might see more “fingers in bowls of chili.”

Hour Three:

Paul “Tubby” Lane believes the time honored racing tactic of “drafting” can be used on freeways to save gasoline. Smaller cars can draft behind larger “gas pigs.” If the car in front slows down, you pull the wheel left or right and slingshot past traffic so fast, you can “put your feet up on the dash and catch some REM sleep.”

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