Dave Oliva, an aspiring police officer, came on the show tonight to offer the opinion that cops are too dumb to enforce the Arizona immigration law…they’ll be thrown off by “seasonal tanning” and won’t know the difference between a Mexican and a Russian. Plus, LA cops may be good at it but that doesn’t mean the “the Bisbee PD” will be…

Later it’s Dean Wheeler who celebrates the oil leak in the Gulf of Mexico. He is an enviromentalist and he’s sort of sad the fish are dying but he now has his writing career back and a lot of people who called him “a fruit” are going to have to eat crow.

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    I don’t know squat about radio broadcast biz, but I do know that if some "Boss Hawg" did a "Jason you ignoramus" on me I’d bitch-slap that sassy ol’ fart and be on my way. Now, if I"m getting six figures to be his kick-baby, then maybe I would let him shine up red and hot (boy does that Phil get rosy red when he puffs up!). But if I’m going to prostitute myself for the man there better be some right fine rewards down the road.

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    You guys are backstage pass members??. Phil expects allot from the guys working for him, to keep the show at the high quality he expects. I for one think it’s great to see Phil kicking some ass in there to make the show what it is. He’s doing it for us! (and for himself yes, he’s got to make money right) but I think Phil has his way of doing things. Maybe he could be nicer about it, perhaps that would work better, perhaps not. Anyway what the fuck do we know about radio production?. It’s kind of entertaining in it’s own way anyway right?, it’s like an extra thing we get to see. Kind of cool. Anyway whatever, flame away.

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    I still suspect that I’m being had by these off-air baby tantrums exhibited by Phil. I simply can’t believe that the unseen "Jason" and "Ralph" would continue to pamper and humor such chunky narcissistic silliness as that portrayed by Phil. If he really is that much of a big baby, he couldn’t possibly be succeeding in show biz. I can ONLY conclude that this whole fat-boy-whiny routine is an excellent act and that this apparently numbed, docile group of straight-men losers, Jason and Ralph, are his shtick dummies. Especially this Jason cat. Nobody in that business in his posiiton would take thumbs up the ass every show like that for real.

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    "Phil is a DICK when he makes the mistake and blames everyone else. "

    @m.s. Really? Because I see Phil not making any mistakes and having a shitty inept staff that can’t even followup on repair requests. When Phil DOES fuck up, he doesn’t go blaming is staff. Show me once where he did that.

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    Ace Rothstein: [to Don] Listen to me very carefully. There are three ways of doing things around here: the right way, the wrong way, and the way that *I* do it. You understand?

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    Phil is a DICK when he makes the mistake and blames everyone else.

    WE all hear the guy say 10 minutes, 5 minutes, 1 minute and Phil acts like its the first time he has heard it.

    EVERYONE else is the problem never Phil.

    Maybe he should do EVERYTHING himself!!!!!

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    LOL, your talk of radio is bringing back memories of when I interned at WHFS (Baltimore/DC market) back in 1994. OMFG, lol. I so know what you’re on abt. No question as to why I was turned off of going into radio, lol.

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    I don’t think you’re a dick. You have to be blunt in order to get the job done and there have to be other "cooks in the kitchen". I figure that producing a live show would be stressful no matter who the host is.

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    Phil = Sam "Ace" Rothstein of "Casino"

    Totally gets where he’s coming from, but surrounded by incompetents.

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