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Thursday, October 12, 2017

We’re actually fumigating our studio so it’s an encore from October 13, 2015. Margaret discusses an upcoming charity event, the “Bongo-thon” held by Bobbie Dooley. Jack Eigagder from WANG radio joins the show to talk about this past weekend’s Lions game. Then Vernon Dozier calls up to discuss his possible retirement from high school football. Margaret attempts to sing “‘O Sole Mio” and Raj Fahneen reports on taking his son to the Dodger game.

The BSP Classic Hour is from June, 2000. Phil welcomes Jim Sadler, who is interested in having Phil host a game show called “Pitfall” where visually challenged contestants get a chance to win a million dollars.

Episode 1005 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • B. ILL
    B. ILL

    BONGOTHON! yahahahahahaha!

  • gangle

    You’re trying to kill a mouse? In any case, the fumigation makes video output impossible?
    I suppose you will explain this when you can broadcast again.

    Now, will you install an air conditioner? It WILL NOT make enough noise to matter, but
    if you insist that it will, you can crank it up so that it’s chilly in there at beginning of
    pre-show, and much more bearable by the end of show. The one-time cost would be
    close to nothing. It’s weird that you are torturing yourself like this. THINK ABOUT IT — YOU
    HAVE THE MONEY. Your productivity would not suffer as you age; it’s going to be harder
    and harder to bear as you age. But then, I suppose, it’s easier to write me off as a shitbag
    than it is to make your life more bearable.

  • Avatar
    Don MacDonald

    Phil, I think your Milwaukee Lions shows represent your very best work. Whether it was the game itself or Lions’s Line, I laughed my ass off every week. I think Jack and the Milwaukee Lions would be a Goddamned hilarious premise for a highly successful Comedy Central program.

    • Edward

      @Don Macdonald…the Lions games and fauxmmercials are highlarious….there was a racist mascot baseball game Phil performed many years ago that is equally stellar.

    • Edward

      Come to think of it…not mascots, but products like Frito
      Bandito and Aunt Jamima…anyway…Phil is on another level. Always has been…

  • Chris

    Curious to hear what Phil thinks about the new Fatty Arbuckle.

    • Mumblix Grumph
      Mumblix Grumph

      That’s why Phil is really out this week. He’s waiting until his new bosses decide how much they will allow him to say about Harvey. Even if they decide to let him rip on Harvey, Phil is going to still spend all his time doing DRUMPF! humor.

      • Tensai

        And it will be hilarious, unlike anything you’ve ever posted here.

  • Tensai

    Always a treat to hear the Lions and Jack Eigagder once again. I would love a new season one of these days.

  • Avatar

    Thats how it all started with Nixon. ..

  • Avatar

    Love me some Jack Eigagder. #GoLions

  • Avatar

    its a political thing, never let a good dead mouse go to waste …

  • Avatar
    Eric Lawrence

    Phil.Maybe you should take another week off.Spend time with Maria, take care of the stuff you need to take care of. Then come back refreshed and focused for the podcast.Seems like you got a lot going on.

  • Chris Garguilo
    Chris Garguilo

    So another repeat because they are fumigating the studio. So the Harvey Weinstein connection is not true then?

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