Hour 1:

Tommy is a little kid who calls in tonight to argue with Phil. His argument you ask? It is over who is the better quarterback Bollinger or Testaverde. Phil plays a listener flashback from 7-22-03, called “Bosell’s wife driving mustang.” The ideas for the flash came from Phil and Maria’s trip to Hawaii. Slap Fight of The Titans is on the show tonight. It is Cleechko vs… Brad Pitt. Pitt is fighting to stay in movies.

Hour 2:

Brad Rifkin is on and he tells Phil he has a fighting speed bag. For motivation , he placed his wife’s picture on it. Lloyd Bonafide calls in to ask Brad if the speed bag comes in different sizes and colors…he wants one like Oprah Winfrey. Justin McAlroy also calls in wanting a speed bag made to look like his mongoloid brother. Phil cuts in because he is high. He got high on the paint fumes because Premiere is remodeling. Easy Off comes on with his show “Love At Night.” He plays Polka Music.

Hour 3:

Larry Grover is on with Phil, discussing a magazine called “Fresh Crop.” He says the magazine has information on girls 5 years of age and younger. The magazine is for older men so they can check them out…to see what they will look like later in life. Chris Norton comes on because he wrote a song to the music of Jessica Simpson’s remake of “These Boots Are Made For Walking”…”His is called These Boots Are Made For Sess”.

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