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Wednesday, August 31, 2005

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Hour 1:

Margaret Gray says Chimpanzees she says "chimponzies". Phil discusses the fact that Louisiana State University will not let the The New Orleans Saints use their stadium...Phil believes the Saints should play in Los Angeles. Phil plays a listener flashback called Mud out your ass from the Best Of 2003 C.D. R.C. Collins and Lloyd Bonafide are in studio to debate. Lloyd is pissed because R.C. grabbed the back-end of of Lloyd's R.V. Phil talks about the looting in New Orleans. R.C. and Lloyd are at the Palos Verde Bluff playing chicken. A caller calls the show and is pissed because Phil is not caring for New Orleans victims...Phil says that looter's in New Orleans have guns.

Hour 2:

Bob Greene who owns "Bob's Novelties" says his store has been greatly affected by Hurricane Katrina...Callers are so upset. They tell Bob that he is disgusting and he should not begin to ask for Hurricane relief when there are so many others in need...Phil closes the hour by mentioning he used to go into Joke Novelty Shops.

Hour 3:

Earl Pants Car Talk...opens the hour and takes questions from callers...What do you do if your Brakes go out is the question of the hour. Phil takes follow up calls from stores on different surveys. Phil discusses the 6 degrees of George Bush, a caller calls in an links Bush to Hitler. Phil Discusses New Orleans and it's many troubles. He also discusses the fact that the city itself is a very poor town. Hal and Viola call in and tell Phil that Viola ate a cheese log. Phil talks about Radio Website Surveys...and in closing Phil takes a moment to say New Orleans is in Serious trouble tonight.


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