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Tuesday, February 15, 2005

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Hour One:

Phil started out with the "Art Donovan Commentaries, brought to you by Parker-Boles." This guy Donovan starts screaming about "the negro entertainer Chris Rock" dumping on the Academy Awards. Then Phil pulls the Backstage Pass of some pain-in-the-rear portion listener. Phil mentions 'Boy drives a Lexus and then starts talking about why he (Phil) bought a Jag and not a hybrid. Greg Grooms Gardening Tips comes on but Greg is arrested during the program and the police search his garden. They find the six month old remains of his wife, Sarah and Greg is taken away by police leaving Phil to finish his segment. Ted Bell comes on briefly to tell Phil his comments about the town of Aspen will not be recieved well by the Hollywood community. The Hal and Viola stall out their Piper Cub before they can get Phil's advice on some unacceptable thing their spoiled grandson did.

Hour Two:

David G. Hall comes on to get the listeners input on something he is concerned about: the fact that Phil put up the picture of a little person, listener Jenifer, on his Wall of Female Listeners. He likens it to Melissa Etheridge going out on stage bald to "make fun of our fears of radiological bombs." Then David sings "Somewhere Over the Rainbow" because that song reflects a time when dwarves could "stand tall." Then we have a listener request of a Justin McElroy flashback and that's who we have coming up in the last hour.

Hour Three:

Here's Justin! On to talk about what could be an epidemic of older women coming on to younger men because of the Mary Kay Letourneau case. He wants them sedated. He has also started Zookeepers Anonymous, a group of young men trying to break their habit of sleeping with older women and The Beast Patrol, a 24 hour hotline to call and get help being protected from older women. Father James McQuarters comes on to update us on Michael Jackson. Its basically this: Michael Jackson is puking his guts up and Corey Feldman is a rat bastard. Phil then reads e-mail and David calls back to say if McQuarters gets to have Irish harp music played while he is on, David wants Doris Day music played while he's on.


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