Hour One:

We kicked off with Bud’s Radical NASCAR Accidents, featuring, of course, the Daytona 500 fender benders and Bud’s reading the details of them while screaming and hitting sound effects. Then David G. Hall admonishes Phil to lay off the sports material just because he’s carried on sports stations, notably his new affiliate in LA, XTRA Sports AM 570. Phil plays a listener request which is a mock soccer game Phil did once and that gets Phil reminiscing about Miami Cuban radio and some guys he used to listen to. Phil then says that the Germans are scumbags for calling Bush Hitler and that prompts a call from Margaret Grey who tells Phil he doesn’t know jack-squat about it. She then tries to sing “Blowin” In The Wind” but Phil has Bud call in an air strike on Margaret. As she’s being hit with Shock and Awe, she blurts out a final “I’ll see you in hell, Phil Hendrie.”

Hour Two:

Dave Oliva, a young student who eventually wants to be LAPD comes on to discuss how American Idol encourages domestic violence. His reasoning? Men see Simon “Cow” and “Paul” Abdul telling women who audition for the show that they’re butts are too large or their clothes are wrong. So they tell their women things with the same directness and the women don’t like it. The men are confused so naturally they belt the women.

Hour Two:

Lloyd Bonafide, a Korean war veteran and retired heating and plumbing man, reads aloud an e-mail he sent to the different media about the images of Terry Schiavo on TV and how they show the comatose woman “grinning like she just hit the lottery” Lloyd, naturally, thinks she’s somehow grinning at him as if its funny being in a coma and watching Lloyd obsess over his sexual dysfunction problem. Then at the end of the hour Lloyd insists on singing “Hungry Heart” as part of his warm up before auditioning for “American Idol.”

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    Don Sloan

    Hr 3: One of the better Lloyd bits!! He stayed right on point the whole time. No dementia in ol’ Lloyd!!

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