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Tuesday, October 17, 2017

It’s our Tuesday encore from one year ago, October 17, 2016. Dr. Ron Tarner is celebrating a birthday and asks Margaret to sing a song he thinks represents him: the song ‘Nature Boy.’ Dr Jim Sandler meantime thinks the European Space Agency landing a vehicle on Mars is a case of ‘been there, done that.’ Stephen Bosell is traumatized by the movie “The Bat.”

The BSP Classic Show is from April 2001. Dave Oliva joined us to discuss the population explosion that occurred in the ’90s. Dave thinks that we need to control it and can do that by encouraging the elderly to just die already. He suggests that we load them all onto a cruise and just torpedo it.

Episode 1008 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Van Nostrand
    Van Nostrand

    Oh God I’m so happy.

  • Avatar
    Karolynn Decker

    Phil’s show has entertained me and helped me through some hard times in my life. There’s nothing like having a good laugh and taking a break from all your worries.
    Thanks Phil. My brother is a cop and listens to your show every day too. I remember I was on a ride-along with him and he arrested a heroin junkie. We were listening to a “best of” Lloyd Bonafide CD I had made him as we fought through Seattle rush hour traffic. The heroin junkie, who was wanted for burglary, really didn’t like your show. I guess you can’t please everyone.
    But thanks for years and years of laughs! Keep it up brother!

  • David Jefferson
    David Jefferson

    I GOT A BSP 😛

  • Avatar

    Im new here, can anyone please give me some top shows links of Phill?

    • TwiceRemoved77

      One way is hit the Archive>Character. Pick someone and just start listening. Listen to the current shows too, as they’ll give insight to a character and you may want to delve into them that way.

  • TwiceRemoved77

    I miss The Lonely Surfer

    • John Burkett
      John Burkett

      Miami is awesome. Go to archives, category. Spend the rest of your life laughing. Character clips, by date…on and on. Forget about your job, your family. This is way better. Lloyd and Rudy are favorites…oh, don’t forget Bobbie, Herb..oh, hell they are all great. You don’t have to leave home, bathe..order food from Amazon…a wonderful way to spend time. God Bless Phil Hendrie.

      • John Burkett
        John Burkett

        Need to add this…I have been a member for almost two decades. Now, I lost my wife and haven’t seen my family since, but who cares? I would rather have a coffee or turkey grease enema from Dean Wheeler than to hang out with them. Enjoy!

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