Hour 1:

“The Jesus Clone” Jeff Dowder calls in with a controversial idea that would clone Jesus Christ by using DNA from the Shroud of Turin.

Featured Exchange:

“You want prearranged appearances on late-night television?”

“To promote the concept that we have cloned a Jesus and we got the baby Jesus clone going on and that we can go from there – it’s a city-to-city tour or whatever you wanna do, I don’t know what.”

Hour 2:

Phil talks about the Pete Rose Interview and people who have gambling problems. Phil talks about the tv coverage of a plane crash landing. Austin Amarka calls in to talk about the glass figurines he wife owns that reflects an image of a cross on his wall.

Hour 3:

“Get Me a Cup of Coffee!” Larry Grover had a run-in with a receptionist who wouldn’t get him a cup of coffee. He thinks that when you’re in a professional business, the receptionist should bring you coffee because they will be automated out of a job in a few years if they don’t learn some basic skills.

Featured Line: “If she wants to show that she’s better than voicemail, then she should do what voicemail can’t do, and that’s get me a cup of coffee!”

Show log by Mike Angileri

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    This is one of the best Dowder bits ever

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    Jeff Dowder: “This dude comes back black, all bets are off.” Lol

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    I love Austin’s casual vulgarity

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