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Wednesday, January 23, 2019

We continue our look back at President Trumps Inauguration, featuring Steve Bosell on his possible Trump regret and Bobbie Dooley on the Kellyanne Conway fashion disaster. Plus more from Jay Santos on the torrential Southern California rains. Encore from January 23, 2017.

The BSP Classic Show from March 2006. Bobbie Dooley tells Phil her doctor diagnosed her with colon cancer three days ago and then says she’s only joking.

Episode 1339 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • Avatar

    Fucking hilarious show, Phil! Thank you for your continued work!

  • Barbara

    I thought it was supposed to be new? This is getting old.

  • Avatar

    Phil just retire already

  • Avatar
    Andrew Duggan

    Another low energy effort. Sad.

  • Avatar

    Anyone else having trouble with the feed from iTunes? Driving me crazy! Not a good thing…I work at the post office.

    • Avatar

      Yes! I haven’t been getting consistent episodes downloaded since mid December. I’m really disappointed.

      • Avatar

        I’ve sent three emails. No response. I pay for BSP access and I want to be able to download from iTunes, like all my other pods. What the hell?

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    Kerry Chapman

    Why is there a replay on Wednesday? I thought that was only for Tuesdays and Thursdays.

  • Avatar

    Looks like continual replay. Same stuff over and over.

  • Avatar
    Tom Arnold

    Alright!!! 2 year old political crap. Keep it coming.

  • Julie Williams
    Julie Williams

    i wont listen its dumb

  • Ed Noponen
    Ed Noponen

    I love the “Trump stuff”.

  • Avatar

    There are 29,999 other hours to choose from.

    • Troy Reiter
      Troy Reiter

      I have already listened to them all. Think I have heard the flashback from today 4 or 5 times also. Appreciate the tip though. Take care

  • Troy Reiter
    Troy Reiter

    The Trump stuff is so boring.

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