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Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Chris Norton, wannabe adult film producer and actor, tries to talk about sexual abstinence. Forget it. Also, Harvey Weirman on Day One at the DNC, and Mavis Leonard, Trump supporter, tries to interpret one of his tweets. Encore show from July 26, 2016.

The BSP Classic Show is from April 2003, and features Vernon Dozier as a high school teacher who will penalize students who watch the Dixie Chicks on Diane Sawyer.

Episode 954 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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  • mloscherffg

    The classic show was interesting because the guests really did not get how angry they should be. Phil is a master at pushing them along but the callers were so patient with Vernon. Phil tried real hard to ratchet it up but they did not want to take the bait.

    Great show…

  • Anthony

    I love when I try and access the show without logging in and I get a picture of Phil with a mean look on his face behind the mic. Then after I log in I get a smiling Phil. I’m so glad the mean Phil can be turned to a smiling Phil for being a BSP. The show is better than ever the smile is gravy.

  • David

    Sorry, August, you are right Tuesday was a new show it was just so bad I never got through the preshow. Phil is crazy funny but not when he is reading from script and taking others advice, that’s what makes Phil so unique, that it is for the most part unscripted.

    • Nicholas

      It is always unscripted and he wasn’t talking to anybody. That part was called acting and it fooled the shite out your knickers. lol

    • Avatar
      Dean Vendouris

      It was unscripted. He was essentially ad-libbing a bit that parodied a voice-over session.

  • August

    Monday and Tuesday were new. Phil said today we be an Encore Show.
    I’m August Grey.

  • David

    Thought we only got one best of this week, this is getting old, don’t make promises you can’t follow through with.

    • TwiceRemoved77

      Yeah it’s today like he said it was going to be in the Monday July 24 preshow.

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