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Wednesday, May 24, 2017

A penis transplant, a guy taking a shot to the n** sack in the NBA playoffs, and a man’s breast implants are the topics discussed on today’s show. And Sky Baby is back, crashing his chopper into water towers.

On the BSP Classic Hour, elementary school teacher Clara Bingham is putting parents on notice after she received reports that her students have been caught downloading information about cloning and reanimating dead tissue on the internet.

Episode 909 of The New Phil Hendrie Podcast

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    Clara Bingham’s pure and utter stupidity about basic science and social issues fucking kills me every time. Her and Mavis Leonard are totally underrated.

  • Don Best
    Don Best

    Anthony says it so well. While captured by the humor, I’m constantly amazed at how he does it.

  • Anthony

    The interaction between the panel is amazing. The fast,crisp retorts in different voices as the panel communicates on different topics is extraordinary. It’s a organized staccato that can only be compared to a beautiful symphony performed by a well oiled orchestra of amazingly talented professionals. Phil you are on top of your game and please understand your fans do not take you for granted. It’s to the point I can’t even listen to the the archives that were the call in variety. That’s how much I enjoy the panel interacting with our family of characters. Bravo Phil your talents give me much enjoyment.

  • Tyrone

    LOVE the show but surprised the Bar fights aren’t a larger part of the show. No injuries, no bad blood after, from Pastor Rennick or Ted Bell for example.

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