Respect For Librarians

Librarian Mavis Leonard says a little white lie will help reinforce respect for the library amongst children.(0:06:57)

Jesus Is A Snackwell

Mavis is upset because she fears the Roman Catholic church ate her dead nephews body. (All You Can Eat Negro, part.2!)(0:05:16)

Slavery Pageant

Teacher Mavis Leonard explains why she is having her white students bid on black students using Oreo cookies to become their slave for a day.(0:03:46)

White Flight & Flashy Negroes

Mavis says that the integration of the school system went haywire when negroes began to get colorful and flamboyant. from KFI.(0:17:05)

1st Anniversary Good Friday Show

Live from Joyful Union Congregation in Bellflower, Mavis Leonard welcomes you on this Good Friday weekend to remember the classic "All You Can Eat Negro" segment. from KFI [...]

Roundtable on Racism

Pastor Rennick and Mavis Leonard join a roundtable discussion on interracial marriages and racism today. from KFI 1998.(0:35:49)

Santa Ain’t Black

Mavis Leonard is at odds with her daughter over telling her grandson that Santa Claus is a black man. Just because he's a white man don't mean he can't love black children. from [...]

Johnny Depp Island

Mavis Leonard is an old woman who was "phone-scammed" by some guys who said she could buy "a time share on an island owned by Johnny Depp." from July 2005.(0:33:19)

All You Can Eat Negro (complete segment)

Classic segment, finally available in it's entirety! Mavis is upset because she fears the Roman Catholic church ate her dead nephews body!! from KFI March 1997.(0:33:22)

Get Your Hands Off The Damn Remote!

In this edition of "Southern California Doin's" Mavis talks about the weather, a plane crash, and a van accident while she eats a gordita. from KFI.(0:08:47)

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