Tuesday February 18, 2020

It’s Bar Fight Showdown Number 2, Chris Norton takes on Margaret Grey. Will the ‘Funk of a Thousand Days’ figure in this fight.

Friday February 14, 2020

Chris Norton vs Margaret Grey will be Barfight Showdown 2 for 2020. And Don Micksa has been asked to play the National Anthem

Monday February 3, 2020

Jeff Dowdder and his cousin Chris Norton are interviewed as to the meaning of “opens citywide tomorrow.”

Monday January 27, 2020

Phil introduces the fighters to be going at it one week from Tuesday in Barfight Showdown I 2020

Thursday January 23, 2020

Chris Norton is editing a new movie and sings a song from it, George Strait’s “All my exes live in Texas.”

Monday January 13, 2020

Phil interviews Throb City Productions’ Chris Norton who many believe s living some fantasy life that doesn’t square with reality.

Wednesday January 8, 2020

A drunken Commodore Ray Coniel, Chris Norton and Steve Streetbeef, star of “Took A Walk In Your Backyard Late Last Night” live at the El Pacifico Yacht Club’s “Pirate Days” and Chris Norton’s 3rd [...]

Saturday January 4, 2020

It’s our chat with the BSP’s and another weekly BSP interview. This week, from the Pacific Northwest, Naomi Regan and hub John.

Tuesday December 10, 2019

Dr Ron Tarner explains his choice of “Freaks” for Saturday Cinema, Chris Norton lists his favorites “Christmas” movies. Bobbie Dooley talks about her new hashtags #BBBO and #stoptheassenhance.

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