Extreme Surfing

Jeff Dowder calls in live from Georgia to talk about the awesome waves Hurricane Floyd is bringing in.(0:20:56)

Rick Springfield

to put his spousal abuse problems behind him, that's his advice from one musician to another.(0:27:06)

Sundown in Alaska

Sundown (AKA Jeff Dowder) says you can make $10,000 if you bring a chick with you to the Alaskan oil wells.(0:06:27)

Medicinal Weed

Jeff Dowder from "California Musicians for Cannabis" believes that Cannabis products should be used to alleviate pain.(0:31:36)

Remembering Missing Kids

Jeff Dowder is involved with missing kids and will call the parents yearly to remind them that their kids are still missing. from July 2003.(0:37:59)

Soak Blast Thrill Park

Jeff Dowder tells people coming to California for vacation this summer to stay away from the new roller coasters because they may be too much to handle from June 2005.(0:28:14)

War Debate

Attorney Harvey Wireman and professor Jeff Dowder debate the merits of war. from KFI 1998.(0:24:53)

Einstein’s Theory

Cal Tech professor Jeff Dowder tries to explain Einstein's theory of gravity moving as fast as light.from January 2003.(0:04:34)

Jury System Debate

Harvey Wireman & Jeff Dowder debate the merits of jury system after a security guard busted him with weed. from October 2005.(0:05:42)

Personal Trainer

Fitness trainer Jeff Dowder joins the program to discuss some new some new exercises he invented. from KFI.(0:06:35)

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