R.C. Wants to Drop Out

R.C. explains dropping out of school after being cast in a Kevin Costner movie. from 1997.(0:35:04)

R.C.’s 16th Birthday

It's R.C.'s 16th Birthday, and Phil & the staff have kicked in on a nice gift for the boy. But when R.C. turns out to be an ingrate, Ruth from Anaheim and another old fogey [...]

R.C.’s Dad Really Loves Him

R.C.'s Dad is expressing his love by sending him a DDR 2000 arcade game and a Cadillac Escalade, so what if he hasn't seen him in five years! from January 2002.(0:04:45)

RC Does Ozzy!

RC calls in to not only report to Phil that Ozzy bit the head off a corpse but to do his impersonation of the aging rocker! from August 2002.(0:05:05)


R.C. Collins calls from Northridge hospital to discuss how he's dealing with his terminal disease. R.C. is a born again Christian who believes he is gonna be reincarnated as a bar [...]

Remembering George C. Scott

R.C. and Harvey join Phil to reminisce about the late great actor George C. Scott. from September 1999.(0:36:27)

Requiem for Gump, pt.2

RC Collins agrees with a caller who says that nobody named Forrest Gump ever existed... and that Phil is a fart smelling booger eater. from KFI 1997.(0:12:29)

Respect Laws

RC Collins doesn't feel he needs to address the teachers and administrators at his school as "sir" or "maam" because of all the serious stuff he's been through.(0:19:08)

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