Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Doug Dannger was on to discuss Jim Carrey's latest project, one that did not get off the ground. In the process he discussed Carrey's first, "Ace [...]

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Tonight Bob Green from Frazier Foods discussed with Phil his admiration for a woman that survived the tornado in Oklahoma City only to express to [...]

Episode 159: Don’t Call Bob A Racist

From February, 2001 it's PROFESSOR Bob Green, a white teacher of African American Studies, who is lazy and sloppy with his facts and curriculum. But to him that doesn't matter. Just don't call [...]

We’re off and running!

The Bobbie Dooley Pooncast or Poncast (?) is off and running! (Steve walked by just now, saw that I wrote "pooncast" and immediately hit the floor on his back, rolling from side to side, laughing [...]

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