Episode #344: The New Phil Hendrie Show

Phil tries to get health advice from Dr. Jim Sadler, whose medical credentials are scrutinized a little too closely by General Shaw. Don Berman discusses how he was on the Robert Durst story from [...]

Episode #343: The New Phil Hendrie Show

Deane Wheeler returns to try and answer Phil's nutrition questions, but is under orders from Phil not to make any reference to the "traveling squirrels" that appear to be chirping away in the [...]

Episode #342: The New Phil Hendrie Show

General Shaw and Margaret Grey finally go to war with Margaret, turning the tables and landing a right that makes the General unintelligible for the rest of the show. Deane Wheeler is thrown [...]

Episode #341.B: The Saturday BSP-Only Promo

The Phil Hendrie Show presents the Frank Glasscock Podcast. The Indiana native talks about issues near and dear like policing "the black areas." His wife Angela pitches in from time to time, and [...]

Episode #341: The New Phil Hendrie Show

Ted Bell from Ted's of Beverly Hills has another slogan causing him problems: "Ted's just had his sausage smoked." Jay Santos of the Citizens Auxiliary Police has been busy following lone cars at [...]

Episode #340: The New Phil Hendrie Show

Colleen Kristin Brewster seemingly visits the show for the first time in 15 years...but all is not as it appears. Steve Bosell also goes down memory lane with Phil and the gang. Bad idea. Sign up [...]

Episode 433: Gayproofing

Bobbie Dooley becomes concerned after she discovers some of her son's "artwork." She decides to quit eating bananas in front of him, among other things. From March 2000.

Episode #339: The New Phil Hendrie Show

Art Griego, retired commercial pilot, talks to Phil about the similarities between gremlins and leprechauns. General Gaylen Shaw mentions that as pilots see gremlins after long flights, soldiers [...]

Friday, March 13th, 2015

Thanks to everyone who came out to the Irvine Improv last night and made the one-man show such a success! It was a blast! For today's podcast, we're featuring a [...]

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

An hour of Phil and the crew from KKSF, San Francisco, including Margaret & Frank Grey, Bob Green, one of Bob's pissed off customers Harold [...]

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