The Invisibility Ray

From the security of his Montana bunker, General Johnson Jameson relates the sad tale of how the CIA stole his Invisibility Ray and broke his ass. Includes commercials for Peenman [...]

The Mercedes Loaner

Ted is very upset that when he took his top of the line Jaguar in for repairs he was given a Mercedes E class with vinyl seats as a loner! from March 2002.(0:29:49)

The Puke 2000

Peenman Enterprises and Art Bell shill this fine new product to help recycle your beer at upcoming New Year's Eve parties!(0:00:49)

The REAL Art Bell

August 31st 1999: Who do you listen to, Art? The real Art Bell shares on his program that he's a big fan of a 'crazy man in Los Angeles'.(0:01:47)


General Jameson has been experimenting with trans vibrations... he is trying to make his niece sound like an opera singer. from October 2005.(0:07:51)

Traveling to Space

Ted Bell says that the average person will never travel to space because they don't have the cash to underwrite the mission. from April 2001.(0:36:47)

We Don’t Have The Cripple In Beverly Hills

Ted believes its perfectly fine to park in the blue and white parking spots during the holidays because Beverly Hills just doesn't have enough cripples to justify them!(0:02:49)

Weekend with Underage Girl

Ted Bell of "Ted's of Beverly Hills" simply can't understand why anybody would object to the fact that he's dating his employee's 16-year old daughter.(0:24:12)

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