Don’t Move In To My Neighborhood!

Ted seems to have a problem with even the thought of Hispanics moving into his plush neighborhood! And did you know Mr. Bell owns a dog named "Taco"?(0:03:33)

Donner Party for Two!

Art Bell and Peenman Enterprises introduce the only cookbook you'll ever need if you just happen to get stranded in the Andes or the Sierra Nevadas with little more than your [...]

Dot Com Revenge

Ted Bell thinks he's helping his country by hiring a bunch of out of work dot commers to bus tables and wash dishes at his restaurant.(0:28:58)

Earth Handle

" as well as space fungus and jungle rot. from March 2001.(0:08:47)

Facility 3

, a sect of religious people who believe to have contact with extra terrestrials.(0:06:59)

Fire: The Book

Ted Bell is publishing a coffee table book that will honor the challenges firefighters face everyday.(0:18:42)

God Made Me�Ted Bell!

The caller wants him to shove a baked potato up his butt, a steak knife in his ass cheek and just go to hell where he belongs! Ted bans her from the restaurant forever! All this [...]

Headsets Are For Retards

Ted Bell is afraid people will think he's crazy if he wears a headset on his cell phone while driving. from November 2003.(0:37:05)

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