Headsets Are For Retards

Ted Bell is afraid people will think he's crazy if he wears a headset on his cell phone while driving. from November 2003.(0:37:05)

Jack Frost

! Listen as the General and his men attempt to hunt down and kill the creature! from November 2002.(0:09:27)


Ted Bell tried to bribe a cop who was giving him a ticket for jaywalking. from KFI.(0:30:51)

Know Who You’re Dealing With

Ted Bell just wanted to get a couple cartridges for his printer from Staples, is it fair to make him wait in line? from September 1999.(0:41:46)

KOSTing with Ted

Ted plays only the most sentimental love song dedications for Donny.... on KOST-FM! from KFI.(0:10:28)

Letters In The Rocks

NASA has been inundated with letters, emails and phone calls about sightings on the Mars the trained eyes seem to be missing. General Johnson Jamieson is a guest with Art Bell to [...]

Live from Area 51

Art Bell listens in as General Johnson Jameson invades the top-secret Area 51 Military Base, only to make a rather disappointing discovery.(0:08:00)

Love is Stronger than Ventura County

June 22nd, 1999 - Ted Bell's red-headed son Jeffrey intends to wed an African-American gal, and as usual Ted's just trying to keep up appearances. What hue his grandkids will be: [...]

Merlot…Wine Or Magician

Normally Ted Bell doesn't like to interfere with the content of the show, but Phil talking about the expensive price of gas has caused a lot of problems for Ted Bell's business [...]


Ted is pissed off that since he invented wrapping foil around the baked potato and now every other restaurant now copies him!(0:02:11)

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