Is Pipe Bombs All That Bad?

Phil is joined by attorney Harvey Wireman and 16-year-old R.C. Collins in another Round Table discussion. from May 2002.(0:09:03)

Jack & the Beanstalk

The Phil Hendrie Afterschool Special production of "Jack In The Beanstalk" starring RC Collins, Margaret Gray, Harvey Wireman, and Jeff Dowder. from October 2005.(0:09:00)

Led Zeppelin Book Report

Chatsworth High student R.C. Collins joins the program, asking Phil and listeners for help with his summer book report. The subject? "The First Time You Ever Seen Led Zeppelin"! [...]

Mad Cow Disease

. Featuring a call from R.C. Collins! from March 2001.(0:15:52)

Make Me Sound Bitchen… Please!!!

RC calls in after hearing Phil interview a man whose voice was run through a voice processor to protect his identity…And now Collins wants a turn at it!!! CLASSIC!!(0:07:31)

Mets Vs. Braves

As Phil covers Atlanta Braves Vs. NY Mets game he brings on R.C.Collins for his point of view. As they follow the game on the air Phil takes a bunch of calls from Atlanta [...]

Michael Jordan

is the greatest basketball player that ever lived and will continue making an impact until he's 50.

Mystery of the Blood Chalice

Teenage goth Barnabus Collins joins the program to recite Cure lyrics, as well as the prayers he reads before he drinks blood... live on the air!!!(0:17:21)

Ozzy Vs. Ted Nugent

RC Collins tries to put his two cents in on the Ozzy Osbourne / Ted Nugent rivalry. from May 2002.(0:15:34)

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