Make Me Sound Bitchen… Please!!!

RC calls in after hearing Phil interview a man whose voice was run through a voice processor to protect his identity…And now Collins wants a turn at it!!! CLASSIC!!(0:07:31)

The Day Before Star Wars

Phil gets a call from RC who is in line for the new Star Wars Film… It’s the day before the premiere and Collins has been in line since March!(0:09:18)

I’m Just Kinda Nervous!

Phil gets a call from a Chatsworth High School student and he's really nervous "on accounta he ain't ever been on a talk show"…Phil tries to get him to stop stuttering and [...]

Twisters & Jesus

A classic clip from Phil back in Miami where while a tornado is being reported, Phil brings on RC to ask the reporter where the twister is heading...AND then the goofy kid breaks [...]

I Saw Bin Laden!

RC Collins has spotted terrorist Bin Laden at a Blockbuster Video in Van Nuys, CA!(0:19:00)

Yer, Yer A Liberal!

Phil is talking about how someone sent a bomb to popstar Bjork and RC calls in to say that the cops should put the bomber in the "Lectric Chair"...Phil tries to explain that the [...]

Whaddaya Think About?

Back when Phil was on WIOD Miami, One of his fans calls in to nominate him for the Radio/Television Hall of Fame. Then some squeaky kid calls in to let Phil know that he ain't that [...]

R.C.’s Dad Really Loves Him

R.C.'s Dad is expressing his love by sending him a DDR 2000 arcade game and a Cadillac Escalade, so what if he hasn't seen him in five years! from January 2002.(0:04:45)

Pitching Some Ideas for Network TV!

After the recent news of Phil's deal with NBC television, 16-year-old R.C. Collins joins Phil to pitch some of his *own* ideas! from February 2002.(0:05:09)

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