Wednesday, February 8, 2017

Coach Vernon Dozier watched the Patriots win the Super Bowl while he looks ahead to a summer of working in a sandwich shop. Whoopee-doo. Chef Chodillia makes cucumber salad with a "wad" of sour [...]

Tuesday, February 7, 2017

Dave Oliva and Coach Vernon Dozier debate the attention given Peyton Manning following the Super Bowl, with Dave calling it racist considering the MVP was Von Miller. Mavis Leonard is on her way [...]

Thursday, January 26, 2017

Coach Vernon Dozier of BelMar Academy has written a book about the origins and travels of sports franchises which the panel turns to garbage in short order. It's General Shaw's birthday and John [...]

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Phil taped his upcoming episode of“Drunk History” yesterday, so we’re running a “Best Of…” today from January 18 of last year. Enjoy! Mr. Leonard Salvo, a former initiate in ELCOTT: The Next [...]

BSP-Only: Saturday, January 7, 2017

Phil and Friends at the Hollywood Improv and Margaret Cho makes another surprise visit! The BSP Classic Hour is from January, 2012. Pastor William Rennick chastised Phil for being a tool of [...]

Friday, January 6, 2017

At the beginning of a big weekend, the Dunphy brothers come into Ted's of Beverly Hills, along with their niece. The girl sings "Let Me Entertain You," Ted makes a smart ass remark and it's on. [...]

Wednesday, January 4, 2017

Phil is taking a physical today so Kenny Slag is your host along with lisping announcer Stanley and Hal, the control freak engineer and Kenny tries to impart the "Principles of Abundance in the [...]

Monday, January 2, 2017

Back from the holiday day break Phil talks bizarre football plays with Vernon Dozier including one involving Vernon as a Canadian Football League player. Don Berman from Channel 19 news previews [...]

BSP-Only: Sunday, December 25, 2016

Phil hosts a special Christmas Eve chat from the cold El Pacifico. The BSP Classic Show features Vernon Dozier claiming that parents are making their kids soft and unable to play in hot [...]

Friday, December 23, 2016

Bob Green, the Frazier Foods grocer, wants people to be able to look the bell ringer in the eye and NOT give him money. But now, he's not making any so Bob needs to drum up business. Vernon [...]

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