Where do you wanna get shot?

Miss Leonard has been teaching her black students that it's best for them to get shot in a black area of town rather than a white area!(0:04:25)

That Elian Boy Deserve A Whoopin’

There's an ol' Negro spiritual stating that there ain't nothin' wrong with takin' a switch to a kid that's misbehaving. But the caller on with Miss. Leonard completely [...]

Children Can Drive

Clara Bingham thinks that if you paint a mustache on a child and give it the proper training, any child can drive a car!(0:08:34)

Nail the Baby to the Bed

When her grandson refuses to go to sleep, Mavis Leonard threatens the boy with a nailgun, promising to nail him to his bunk bed... just like Jesus was nailed to a cross. from [...]

vs. The Honky Slut

Miss Mavis and a caller engage in a volley of insulting racial stereotypes. from 1996.(0:04:00)

Florida Senior Voters Need Attention

Alf says that all seniors want is to do is get in front of the camera. Featuring an appearance by Mavis Leonard and her grandson Robert!!(0:31:52)

Character Voice Court

Phil's characters file a class action lawsuit against their host. Featuring appearances by attorney Harvey Wireman, Larry Grover, R.C. Collins, Bobbie Dooley, Jeff Dowder, Mavis [...]

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