Musical Appreciation

Musician Jeff Dowder heads a specialized program to get kids to appreciate music... by sparking up!(0:11:46)

Person of the Century

" Albert Einstein, Jeff Dowder seems a bit confused on some of the finer points of the Theory of Relativity. from December 1999.(0:15:15)

Personal Trainer

Fitness trainer Jeff Dowder joins the program to discuss some new some new exercises he invented. from KFI.(0:06:35)

Remembering Missing Kids

Jeff Dowder is involved with missing kids and will call the parents yearly to remind them that their kids are still missing. from July 2003.(0:37:59)

Rescuing A Girl

Jeff thinks he deserves a reward for saving a girls life from a sand shark while surfing on the beach.(0:38:19)

Rice Rocket Reward

Dark Horse drummer Jeff Dowder was outside a Tower Records last Saturday when a guys motorcycle turned down in front of him. Jeff called 911 but was disappointed when he did not [...]

Rick Springfield

to put his spousal abuse problems behind him, that's his advice from one musician to another.(0:27:06)

Rollercoaster Review

Jeff Dowder reviews one of the most bitchenist roller coasters what he's ever been on, DEFCON-1. from May 1999.(0:03:46)

Sandwich Artists

In the aftermath of a double killing of two Subway employees, Jeff Dowder theorizes that the kids committed suicide because they were distraught over the daily pressures of being a [...]

Saving Billy Hawkins

Jeff Dowder shares the story of his heroic efforts in saving young Billy Hawkins from El Niño flood waters. But having saved a life is not enough.(0:31:00)

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