The Dr. Jeff Dowder Show, pt.2

Dr. Jeff Dowder guest hosts the show, and takes your calls about the most bitchinest county and schools in Los Angeles. from February 1998.(0:34:11)

The Hemp Exchange

1996: In an early appearance, Jeff Simons (later Dowder) promotes his new medical Hemp Exchange. (contains bleeped profanity)(0:07:00)

The Jesus Clone

Jeff has this wacky idea that if you use the DNA from the blood of Jesus that's on the "Sheet of Turin" you can clone him! More than likely the clone with have some "Jesus-like" [...]

Throwin’ Down A Frosty One

Jeff Dowder got sent home from work early because he had a couple of beers on his lunch break. from KFI.(0:38:07)

Wants His Money Back

Jeff is pissed off that the Best of '97 CD keeps being delayed and accuses Phil of yanking his chain. from KFI November 1997.(0:06:30)

War Debate

Attorney Harvey Wireman and professor Jeff Dowder debate the merits of war. from KFI 1998.(0:24:53)

Welcome to the Mother-Father Computer

College student Jeff Dowder believes the UCLA and USC rivalry is manufactured in order to allow students to vent their frustrations at a failing education system. from KFI.(0:35:52)

What Love Is?

Jeff Dowder wants to know why his girlfriend dumped him... he sent her flowers and called her every single day. from KFI.(0:32:44)

Your Own Personal Jesus

Jeff Dowder intends to engineer the Second Coming through the miracle of cloning, and he's got dibs on marketing and television talk show appearances for his Baby Jesus Circus [...]

Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Hour 1:Bobbie and Steve Dooley hired an exotic dancer for their sons graduation party... Bobbie says they are helping prepare the boys for the real world.Hour [...]

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