Freedom of Speech

After the recent firing of Radio Talk show personality The Greaseman, R.C.Collins joins the program to discuss political satire.(0:24:56)

Freedom to Commit Felonies

Cadet RC Collins feels that the military should get the privilege to commit crimes and take drugs. Featuring Harvey Wireman, Lloyd Bonifide, and a caller that sounds just like [...]

Freeway Jam

After a major 100 car pile-up on a Los Angeles freeway, Phil goes to the phone lines to take calls from people stuck in the jam. Featuring appearances by R.C. Collins, Jeff Dowder, [...]

Gays In Boy Scouts

R.C. is afraid that he will be influenced by gays in the scouts. from April 2000.(0:17:24)

Goths Are Not Bad

What is "Goth" and this so-called "Goth Movement" spreading through the American Youth? With the Columbine shooting on every adults mind, High School student and self-proclaimed [...]

Grandpa Munster Was A Bat

RC Collins and Jeff Dowder debate whether or not Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis spent 12 years as a bat. from February 2006.(0:07:19)

Hamlet Soliloquy

While preparing to audition for the role of teenage Anakin Skywalker in the next Star Wars flick, R.C. plans to impress Mr.Lucas by memorizing a soliloquy from Hamlet.(0:07:39)

Harry Potter Debate

Vernon Dozier and RC Collins debate over the new movie "Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire". from November 2005.(0:10:25)

His 16th Birthday Party

October 7th, 1997 - It's R.C.'s 16th Birthday, and Phil & the staff have kicked in on a nice gift for the boy. But when R.C. turns out to be an ingrate, Ruth and Lloyd phone in [...]

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