onto an airplane, he says there's nothing wrong with it since he purchased it at the airport. Featuring a call from Ruth from Anaheim!! from February 2000.(0:30:27)

Telemarketing Manners

Chris Norton is a telemarketer for a pharmaceutical company who has trouble when it comes to talking to female customers on the phone in an appropriate manner.(0:20:14)

Thanksgiving Dilemma

Chris Norton calls the show for help with a moral dilemma: he wants to attend Thanksgiving dinner with his girls family, but he doesn't want her to get the wrong idea! from [...]

The Right to Expect Sess

Chris Norton offered to marry his friends sister to help her get her citizenship, but will be expecting sex in return.(0:08:59)

The Tom Cruise Rumors

Show guest Chris Norton believes that the recent rumors affecting Tom Cruise are a result of a rejected woman.(0:27:53)

Top 10 Women of the Century

Chris Norton's Top Ten Women of Century include: Daisey Fuentes, Jane Mansfield, and other women that have really "nice pairs." But he also throws in Martha Stewart and "that woman [...]

Vitamin Salesman

Telemarketer Chris Norton discusses his methods which include calling homes during dinner, and getting kids on the phone with their parents credit cards.(0:38:00)

Monday, February 8, 2010

Hour 1: Raj Fajneen comes on to talk about the Superbowl. He seems to think that the New Orleans Saints won the game because the players were inspired by [...]

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Hour 1: Art Griego came on the show to talk about the story of two Northwest airlines pilots who overshot the runway in Minneapolis because they were on their [...]

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