Led Zeppelin Book Report

Chatsworth High student R.C. Collins joins the program, asking Phil and listeners for help with his summer book report. The subject? "The First Time You Ever Seen Led Zeppelin"! [...]

Sizzling Web Pics

Phil brings on R.C. Collins to discuss the protest of recent photographs of a Florida excecution posted on the internet. From October 1999.(0:15:27)

Mets Vs. Braves

As Phil covers Atlanta Braves Vs. NY Mets game he brings on R.C.Collins for his point of view. As they follow the game on the air Phil takes a bunch of calls from Atlanta [...]

The SHAQ Generation

From October 1999, Phil brings on 16-year old basketball fan R.C. Collins, together they discuss some all-time basketball greats!!(0:08:13)

Youth Movement

While discussing the safety of kids at school, R.C. joins the line to give his view and talks about a new non-violent youth organization he’s formed to protect kids from [...]

Make Me Sound Bitchen… Please!!!

RC calls in after hearing Phil interview a man whose voice was run through a voice processor to protect his identity…And now Collins wants a turn at it!!! CLASSIC!!(0:07:31)

The Day Before Star Wars

Phil gets a call from RC who is in line for the new Star Wars Film… It’s the day before the premiere and Collins has been in line since March!(0:09:18)

I’m Just Kinda Nervous!

Phil gets a call from a Chatsworth High School student and he's really nervous "on accounta he ain't ever been on a talk show"…Phil tries to get him to stop stuttering and [...]

Twisters & Jesus

A classic clip from Phil back in Miami where while a tornado is being reported, Phil brings on RC to ask the reporter where the twister is heading...AND then the goofy kid breaks [...]

I Saw Bin Laden!

RC Collins has spotted terrorist Bin Laden at a Blockbuster Video in Van Nuys, CA!(0:19:00)

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