The Big Radiothon

The Phil Hendrie Show Radiothon 1998. Featuring Margaret Gray, RC Collins, Bud Dickman, and Bobbie Dooley. from KFI.(0:39:53)

The Calls Suck Tonight

RC Collin wants other teens to call in and talk about the crushsed they had on a teacher. Is it possible for a student to fall in love with a teacher? from KFI.(0:30:14)

The Day Before Star Wars

Phil gets a call from RC who is in line for the new Star Wars Film… It’s the day before the premiere and Collins has been in line since March!(0:09:18)

The Last Minion

Phil takes a hilarious shot at his detractors with Austin Amarka as a show guest who's still pissed after three years that Hendrie took over some other guy's old timeslot. Includes [...]

The SHAQ Generation

From October 1999, Phil brings on 16-year old basketball fan R.C. Collins, together they discuss some all-time basketball greats!!(0:08:13)

The Spooge Demon Open

Bud Dickman and R.C. Collins face off at the First Annual Spooge Demon Open Bowling Tournament at San Gabriel's Schwartz Lanes. The event, of course, is a disaster from coin toss [...]

Twisters & Jesus

A classic clip from Phil back in Miami where while a tornado is being reported, Phil brings on RC to ask the reporter where the twister is heading...AND then the goofy kid breaks [...]

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