Parents Against Campus Violence

Seth Dooley was hurt and very embarrassed after he asked boy at school to hit him in the abs. Bobbie was so incensed she did a criminal and financial background check on the boy's [...]

Riding Razors In Columbine

Bobbie thinks that if those Columbine boys were riding razor scooters they would have kept their guns in their pants and no one would have got hurt!(0:04:14)

Say No To Vaseline

Bobbie Dooley talks about an organization called "Straight to the Lord", a group of Christians that helps homosexuals return to normal, she recently caught her son drawing [...]

Say Thank You

Frazier Foods manager Bob Green doesn't feel that the grocery chains get the kudos they deserve. from November 2003.(0:18:24)

Selling Dog Pelts!

Bob Greene is in trouble because he's selling fur coats made from dogs! from December 1998.(0:29:25)

Selling Haunted Homes

Realtor Bob Green refurbishes & sells homes, he doesn't think he is obligated to tell a family if there has been violent murders once took place. from KFI.(0:33:25)

Sending Lois To A Better Place

Bobbie Dooley claims the reason why so many elderly people die from heat is because they want to. That's why she put a padlock on her elderly neighbors breaker box to prevent her [...]

Sexual Scientologists

Bob thinks that the Scientologists have recruited guys like Tom Cruise and John Travolta to attract women to their faith for purposes of sex.(0:05:00)


Steve Dooley is bullying the his sons basketball coach because he's not putting him in enough games... Bobbie explains he's just clarifing the situation, listen to how upset [...]

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