I’m Not Bald, I Have A Hair Piece!!!

Robert Greene is being sued for unlawful termination, he claims one of his checkout girls defamed him by saying he had on a wig so in return he called her a slut. from January [...]

Is That Your Final Answer?

Bobbie Dooley joins the program to suggest that if "Who Wants To Be A Millionaire" made their questions a bit easier, maybe more women and blacks could participate. from November [...]

Its Soul Coke!

Bob Greene is a hoping to develop a new soft drink that will appeal to African-Americans. Designed to enhance black pride, the "Soul Coke" will come in different colored cans to [...]

Jefferson The Rapist

Bobbie Dooley says we should not teach that Thomas Jefferson has sex with his slave Salley Hemmings in our high schools. from KFI.(0:33:22)

Jesus was a Bartender

In his new book, Author and Youth Minister Bob Green recognizes that Jesus was really into fast food, piercings, and he was also one hell of a bartender! from September 1999.(0:30:56)

John Walker McGee

Bobbie speaks for all women when she says American Taliban John Walker is a hot commodity, that's why she wants to get him in the sack! You ladies think you have a good sex life? [...]

Joke Night

Bob Green is the founder of Spades Social, a club where white man can go, relax, and make racial jokes!(0:24:08)

Karen Gave Me Cancer

Bobbie claims her friend gave her uterine cancer, that's why she doesn't blame her husband Steve for going to bed with another woman.(0:04:29)

Keeping Husbands Happy

Bobbie says let's get off our mens backs, put on some make-up, and give them what they want. from July 1999.(0:20:07)

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