Mission to Mars

March 12th, 1999 - Art's special guest General Johnson Jameson has had enough of aliens screwing around with the Mars Global Surveyor. Protected by his Chrome Butt Cover, he's [...]

My Vasectomy, Mars Venus

Art Bell invites General Johnson Jamieson on to talk about the discovery of the new planet Sedna. from March 2004.(0:06:16)

Not Waiting In Line!

Ted is furious with the airport's expectations on arriving early for flights. He feels that people who make the amount of money that he does should simply be able to show their [...]

Operation Area 51

General Jameson sneaks into Area51 and gets shot up by guards. from April 2000.(0:10:31)

Relax Tiger Woods

Ted Bell thinks it'd only be fair if Tiger Woods won "a little less often". from March 2000.(0:19:21)

Ride in My BMW

In an effort to raise money for his restaurant, Ted Bell offers to drive people around in his BMW for $200 an hour.(0:29:47)

Secret Santa Harassment

Ted Bell had to fire an employee after a sexual harassment claim in regards to an inappropriate gift given at the company Secret Santa gift exchange. from December 2005.(0:32:50)

Superbowl Package

, for $400 he will provide transportation, food, tickets and accommodations to the big game.(0:28:45)

T-Bell Gets A Speeding Ticket

Ted Bell says he got a speeding ticket from an overzealous cop who didn't care he was on his way to an important schoolbook funding meeting. from KFI.(0:35:42)

Ted Bell “Night of the Living Gimps””

Ted Bell is upset no one told him that some physically challenged children will be attending his "Terror House" opening. Ted introduces "Joey", a handicapped employee to help prove [...]

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