State of the Show

Attorney Harvey Wireman is on to tell Phil that his show is being universally panned by syndicates and that his listener base is complaining. featuring Ruth from Anaheim!(0:37:06)

Thanksgiving Lies & Deception

Harvey Wireman says his daughter-in-law has got everybody believing she's a good cook because she orders out food every Thanksgiving. from November 1999.(0:22:35)

The Greatest Generation

With a glass of iced tea and a weak bladder, Harvey is convinced that Tom Brokaw was speaking of him when he described our country's Greatest Generation…(0:02:35)

Transporting Frozen Dogs

Law Talk with Harvey Wireman: Jeff Dowder wants to know the best way to deal with frozen puppy. from July 2005.(0:08:16)

Twister Party Lawsuit

Steve Bosell is joined by his lawyer Harvey Wireman after an incident that occurred while playing the game Twister at a 70's themed party.(0:28:02)

Veterans Day Special

, featuring clips from Lloyd Bonifide, R.C.Collins, Harvey Wireman, Margaret Grey, and some classic Phil ranting.(1:49:38)

Walk on down Vanilla Street!

From back his Miami Days, Phil takes a call from Margaret Grey regarding Phil dating black girls. Then Harvey Wireman chimes in!(0:04:59)

War Debate

Attorney Harvey Wireman and professor Jeff Dowder debate the merits of war. from KFI 1998.(0:24:53)

Warren Beatty Discussion

Phil opens up a discussion about Warren Beatty running for office, how viable is it? featuring Harvey Wireman, Bobbie Dooley, Steve Bosell, and Mavis Leonard. from September [...]

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