The Story Behind “Ta-Ta, LOL™”

One of the things that makes you stand out in society or life or wherever you live is a signature phrase or "sign-off." I got the idea for my own sign-off or trademark phrase when I was watching [...]

I Wanna Have a Merchandise!

I know that Ted Bell has used to great effect the Phil Hendrie store on the Phil Hendrie web site to sell his sweat shirts (I'm sorry but that's what they are. Okay they have a hood too. Wow) [...]

Welcome to the new “DAILY BOBBIE

This is the new "Daily BOBBIE." It will be my daily blog to let people know what's going on in and around Western Estates, our gated community that is a Shangri-La from the reality of recession, [...]

Thanksgiving Reflections

Hi everyone. I'm Bobbie Dooley and I'm reflecting on Thanksgiving 2011. Well Thanksgiving 2011 is in the books. As I sip my Chardonnay because I still don't know anything about wine some 12 years [...]

Friday, November 18, 2011

Bobbie Dooley told Phil tonight that people are going to now regret the horrible things they said about "JoPa," Joe Paterno that is, since he's been diagnosed [...]

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Sexual predators are banned from giving out trick or treat candy at Halloween as well as putting up decorations. Bobbie and Steve Dooley don't want to go quite [...]

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