Star 69

", RC Collins chimes in. from KFI.(0:17:09)

First Time Caller

R.C. Collins is a tad nervous because he's never called a talk show before, but he wants to ask Phil about the kid in the news that stole a skull. from June 2001.(0:09:08)

Jack & the Beanstalk

The Phil Hendrie Afterschool Special production of "Jack In The Beanstalk" starring RC Collins, Margaret Gray, Harvey Wireman, and Jeff Dowder. from October 2005.(0:09:00)

Freeway Jam

After a major 100 car pile-up on a Los Angeles freeway, Phil goes to the phone lines to take calls from people stuck in the jam. Featuring appearances by R.C. Collins, Jeff Dowder, [...]

Backstreet Boys are hardcore!

In another episode of "Teen Talk", RC Collins joins the program to point out that it's not the Limp Biscuits or Blink 182's that teenage boys are listening to... it's groups like [...]

Hamlet Soliloquy

While preparing to audition for the role of teenage Anakin Skywalker in the next Star Wars flick, R.C. plans to impress Mr.Lucas by memorizing a soliloquy from Hamlet.(0:07:39)

Wipe Out!!!

Dark Horse drummer Jeff Dowder joins the program tonight to give an exlusive in-studio performance of "Wipe Out" Live on the air. High school student R.C.Collins joins in on the [...]

Goths Are Not Bad

What is "Goth" and this so-called "Goth Movement" spreading through the American Youth? With the Columbine shooting on every adults mind, High School student and self-proclaimed [...]

Calling All Young People!

On this last Friday the 13th of the century, high school student R.C. Collins joins Phil to discuss how the youth of America has no faith in the adults of the world. From August [...]

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