Relax Tiger Woods

Ted Bell thinks it'd only be fair if Tiger Woods won "a little less often". from March 2000.(0:19:21)

Ride in My BMW

In an effort to raise money for his restaurant, Ted Bell offers to drive people around in his BMW for $200 an hour.(0:29:47)

Secret Santa Harassment

Ted Bell had to fire an employee after a sexual harassment claim in regards to an inappropriate gift given at the company Secret Santa gift exchange. from December 2005.(0:32:50)

Superbowl Package

, for $400 he will provide transportation, food, tickets and accommodations to the big game.(0:28:45)

T-Bell Gets A Speeding Ticket

Ted Bell says he got a speeding ticket from an overzealous cop who didn't care he was on his way to an important schoolbook funding meeting. from KFI.(0:35:42)

Ted Bell “Night of the Living Gimps””

Ted Bell is upset no one told him that some physically challenged children will be attending his "Terror House" opening. Ted introduces "Joey", a handicapped employee to help prove [...]

Ted Bell’s Salad Bar

Ted Bell says he'll stand over his "All you can eat" salad bar and tell his customers they are looking a little overweight, a customer named Clara Bingham calls in to complain.(0:28:21)

Ted vs. The Rich Chick

While Ted is tossing his opinion on how lame people act when they suddenly come into a lot of money, a "Rich Bitch" calls in to let Ted know he sounds just as lame…Ted [...]

Ted’s Classy Ladies

Ted Bell announces the "Ted's Of Beverly Hills Classy Ladies" emporium that will have under one roof: a place for Dad to relax to adult dancers and a place for Mom and the kids to [...]

Ted’s Halloween Cripples

Ted Bell has been kind enough to turn his Steak House into a Terror House on Halloween night, however he's worried about what might happen if any physically challenged children [...]

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