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It’s Elcott……….ouch!!..The Next Step

Hello, I am Dr. Ed Elcott. The title to this “announcement” is actually how our program on Sunday mornings is often announced. I say “often” because, truth be told, to replace my well publicized sex addiction. I’ve taken to imbibing alcohol a bit too liberally. In plain English, by Sunday morning, I am “tanked“ to use a colloquialism, a word I suppose I shouldn’t use as it reveals too much, this being my first published piece on the Phil Hendrie website. But I thought I would “come clean“ and let you know why, by Sunday morning my hangover is so severe I forget words, phrases, and Elcotta terminology.
I am only joking with you. I am stone, cold sober and in complete grasp of my faculties and the Elcotta. I stated what I stated because I know arbuckles are about trying to defrock me or, as we say, fondle my intentions. I do say with complete clarity of mind that you should join us Sunday mornings here on the Phil Hendrie website and elsewhere for our Elcott The Next Step lectures. We take extra precaution so that we’re not philosophically fingered or spiritually “played with” so please forgive the intro to this essay, but I had to be sure, all Ella’s was sniffed. If you’re having a hard time understanding this announcement then perhaps Elcott The Next Step is not for you as it takes off, cruises and then crashes just over where your brain is. These terms are understood by Elcattans and their initiates and novitiates. Others sit there, as we say in Elcott, smelling the fumes of their own confusion. I love me. I no take drugs no more, signed Dr. Elcott otherwise known as The Me