Looney Tunes Blows

Gay journalist Doug Danger criticizes the voice actors who have taken over Mel Blanc's "Looney Tunes" characters. From February 2000.(0:33:48)

Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Now it's time to say goodbye to all your family. Bury them at Disneyland! *special thanks to Andrew in the UK for his contribution!* *a true classic*(0:32:00)

Politicians and Hollywood

Doug believes that politicians are impotent without Hollywood, and if he doesn't win the approval of Barbara Streisand then he should lay low.(0:33:02)

Stay Out Of First Class!

Doug Dannger joins the program with a message to people who fly coach: "You dont know what damage you do when you insist on using the first class laboratory!"(33:25:00)

Tales from the Rav 4

Gay journalist Doug Danger finds himself in a lawsuit after unintentionally tossing a lit cigar butt into a moving convertible on the 405 Freeway.(0:33:37)

The Mighty Gay Eye

Doug believes that being a Gay Man & A Gay Journalist gives him the special power of "Gay-Eye"… so that he can tell if a movie stinks before he even sees it!(0:04:54)

Top 10 Films of the Millennium

Surprisingly, all of Doug's favorite films are Disney flicks, with the number one film of the last thousand years being "The Shaggy D.A." starring Dean Jones. from January [...]

Top 10 Rock & Roll Records

As a Gay man and gay journalist, Doug Danger is able to critique things more honestly than the average straight male. That's why he's compiled his own list of the Top 10 Rock and [...]

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