Looney Tunes Blows

Gay journalist Doug Danger criticizes the voice actors who have taken over Mel Blanc's "Looney Tunes" characters. From February 2000.(0:33:48)

Tales from the Rav 4

Gay journalist Doug Danger finds himself in a lawsuit after unintentionally tossing a lit cigar butt into a moving convertible on the 405 Freeway.(0:33:37)

Gay Burglarized

Doug's house gets broken into but he doesn't want to report it to the police because gay men are already stereotyped as "victims." from April 1999.(0:32:32)

I Can Keep My Mouth Shut!

Doug is adamant on the fact that being a Gay Man and a Gay journalist, he knows how to keep a secret!(0:04:29)

The Mighty Gay Eye

Doug believes that being a Gay Man & A Gay Journalist gives him the special power of "Gay-Eye"… so that he can tell if a movie stinks before he even sees it!(0:04:54)


Gay man, gay journalist Doug Dannger discusses the Top 100 Movie Moments... but gets a little side-tracked. And when things don't go Doug's way, David G. Hall intervenes.(0:39:30)

Now It’s Time To Say Goodbye

Now it's time to say goodbye to all your family. Bury them at Disneyland! *special thanks to Andrew in the UK for his contribution!* *a true classic*(0:32:00)

Vote Gay Or Have A Bad Hair Day

Doug states that gays across America will rise up and revolt if there is not a "Big Gay Win" at the Oscars this year. from March 2002.(0:02:45)

Stay Out Of First Class!

Doug Dannger joins the program with a message to people who fly coach: "You dont know what damage you do when you insist on using the first class laboratory!"(33:25:00)

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