Episode 261: Farm Erotica

Celebrating the roll out of the new Daily Mmm-Hmmm with Bobbie Dooley podcast, we feature Bobbie from 2004 talking about her unease with a harvest-time scene at a local mall. The hay bales get [...]

Friday, October 18, 2013

Tonight, as Matt honeymoons with his bride, we rolled a show from February. It's Phil talking with Doug Dannger and Steve Bosell about a new video [...]

Friday, October 11, 2013

Tonights show featured the commentary of Bobbie Dooley and a trip to wine country....that never took place. Also, Phil's laughter at the idea of [...]

Episode 254: Women and Children First

From October 2004, Bobbie Dooley is worried they're going to run out of the flu shot vaccine, so she makes sure people like her kids (priority one) and herself (important person) are first in [...]

Episode 250: No More SUVs!

From 2003, it's Bobbie Dooley explaining why SUVs are killing Americans because the petro dollars fund terrorism. So she's asking people to stop driving them. Everyone but her, of course.

Episode 247: It Takes A Village

Bobbie Dooley's famous "It Takes A Village" episode from April 2000. And for Bobbie that basically means telling people how to raise their kids. Contains the line, "if you let your kids play [...]

Wednesday, September 4, 2013

Bobbie Dooley joins Phil for a frank discussion of the perils women who are knowledgeable about football face. One fight that Dooley found herself [...]

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