Fahrenheit 69

Porn filmmaker Chris Norton was asked by the local fire department to evacuate during his porn shoot, Chris believes he should be reimbursed for the interruption. featuring Lloyd [...]

Frivolous Lawsuits

Chris Norton thinks hot chicks like Pamela Anderson shouldn't be immune from civil lawsuits. These lawsuits threaten their "hotness." from April 2000.(0:23:52)

Gender Etiquette

Chris Norton thinks that women should start buying the guys drinks at bars. The problem is that he is "out of pocket" $150 bucks a night buying drinks for chicks that think he's [...]

Green Beer Green Pee

Chris Norton conducted an experiment to see if a woman's body breaks down the dye in green beer the same way it does for men.(0:18:00)

Hermosa Beach Safety Patrol

Chris Norton, telemarketer by week, and beach safety patrol by weekend joins the program to discuss how he helps fix the bathing suits of women who have fallen asleep on the beach. [...]

I Gots A Limo With A Disco Ball!

Chris is escorting a 17 year old high school girl to prom this year and he is determined to make it as special as possible.   April 30th, 2002.

I’ll Teach Your Man To Dance!

Chris Norton, founder of "Chris Norton Entertainment" joins the program to discuss and demonstrate his seductive dancing classes for men. As Chris proves over the phone, men can be [...]

Olden Men, Younger Women

Chris Norton has a website for women who are in a relationships with older men, they can look at photos of Chris and see how good life is on the other side.(0:30:28)

On Shania Twain

Chris Norton believes Shania Twain is the hottest woman in music right now. Nice breasts, beautiful face...very, very hot lookin'. Nevermind her talent, of course.(0:23:00)

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