Sundown’s KISS Concert Review

Sundown (AKA Jeff Dowder!) reports on last night's big KISS concert in Miami, although he seems a little confused about the members of the band. from the WIOD days!(0:41:17)

Sandwich Artists

In the aftermath of a double killing of two Subway employees, Jeff Dowder theorizes that the kids committed suicide because they were distraught over the daily pressures of being a [...]

The Jesus Clone

Jeff has this wacky idea that if you use the DNA from the blood of Jesus that's on the "Sheet of Turin" you can clone him! More than likely the clone with have some "Jesus-like" [...]

Dolphin Safe Tuna

In an inventive twist, enviromentally conscious fisherman Jeff Dowder is leading the effort in saving schools of tuna from vicious dolphin attacks by herding them in nets and [...]

The Dr. Jeff Dowder Show

Dr. Jeff Dowder guest hosts the show, and takes your calls to talk a you about the most bitchininest stuff what's in Los Angeles. from 1997.(0:39:00)

The Hemp Exchange

1996: In an early appearance, Jeff Simons (later Dowder) promotes his new medical Hemp Exchange. (contains bleeped profanity)(0:07:00)

Saving Billy Hawkins

Jeff Dowder shares the story of his heroic efforts in saving young Billy Hawkins from El Niño flood waters. But having saved a life is not enough.(0:31:00)

Section 8

Jeff Dowder explains how he was ousted from the Armed Forces after he was shoved out of an airplane with nothing but a bedsheet. from November 2001.(0:02:38)

The Child Forgiven

". Or "...Within"? Whatever. *special thanks to Brian Ellis for this clip!*(0:34:00)

Your Own Personal Jesus

Jeff Dowder intends to engineer the Second Coming through the miracle of cloning, and he's got dibs on marketing and television talk show appearances for his Baby Jesus Circus [...]

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