Sports Jacket & Cologne

RC Collins calls in to inform Phil you don't have to be an adult to buy liquor. from May 2003.(0:01:39)

The Calls Suck Tonight

RC Collin wants other teens to call in and talk about the crushsed they had on a teacher. Is it possible for a student to fall in love with a teacher? from KFI.(0:30:14)

I Quit, Evac!

Cadet RC Collins says that if he were asked to engage the enemy in Iraq, he wants the ability to pull out of combat and go home if things get too hairy! from February 2003.(0:32:37)

Requiem for Gump, pt.2

RC Collins agrees with a caller who says that nobody named Forrest Gump ever existed... and that Phil is a fart smelling booger eater. from KFI 1997.(0:12:29)

1997 Grammy Awards

RC Collins calls in with his predictions for the Grammy Awards, live as it airs! from KFI 1997.(0:08:03)

R.C.’s 16th Birthday

It's R.C.'s 16th Birthday, and Phil & the staff have kicked in on a nice gift for the boy. But when R.C. turns out to be an ingrate, Ruth from Anaheim and another old fogey [...]

Grandpa Munster Was A Bat

RC Collins and Jeff Dowder debate whether or not Al "Grandpa Munster" Lewis spent 12 years as a bat. from February 2006.(0:07:19)

Dogs Must Die!

RC Collins explains why he believes that wild animals like Rottweilers and Pit Bulls should be put to sleep. from KFI.(0:42:02)

Bob Swain Lives

Phil talks about the life of pro golfer and a great friend, the late Bob Swain. Featuring calls from Ralph, RC Collins, and Harvey Wireman. from KFI 1997.(1:03:03)

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