The Big Radiothon

The Phil Hendrie Show Radiothon 1998. Featuring Margaret Gray, RC Collins, Bud Dickman, and Bobbie Dooley. from KFI.(0:39:53)

Seinfeld Viewing Aftermath

Phil Hendrie broadcasts from the Museum of TV & Radio during the final broadcast of "Seinfeld." Featuring RC Collins, Raj Faneen, Jeff Dowder, and more! from KFI.(0:39:46)


R.C. Collins calls from Northridge hospital to discuss how he's dealing with his terminal disease. R.C. is a born again Christian who believes he is gonna be reincarnated as a bar [...]

Mad Cow Disease

. Featuring a call from R.C. Collins! from March 2001.(0:15:52)

Baby Boomer Generation

continues to press its culture on other generations that are not interested. from November 2000.(0:29:01)

Wind Powered Cars

Professor Dowder joins the program to discuss deregulation and alternative sources of energy. Afterwards Phil takes a cold call from a R.C. Collins who wants to talk about the [...]

American Beauty Talk

After discussing the movie "American Beauty", Bud Dickman and R.C.Collins join the program to throw in their two cents about the film. from 1999.(0:29:36)

Harry Potter Debate

Vernon Dozier and RC Collins debate over the new movie "Harry Potter: The Goblet of Fire". from November 2005.(0:10:25)

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