Papa Was A Rolling Stone!

Accompanied by guest host Darrel Webber, RC does a kick ass karaoke version of this classic tune dedicated to his own dad that left him!(0:05:19)

Phil Explains The Show

Margaret helps Phil explain how his show works. Also featuring appearances by Harvey Wireman and RC Collins.(0:12:09)

Pitching Some Ideas for Network TV!

After the recent news of Phil's deal with NBC television, 16-year-old R.C. Collins joins Phil to pitch some of his *own* ideas! from February 2002.(0:05:09)

R.C. Drops Acid

R.C. reports Live from the Mann's Chinese Theater in Hollywood waiting in line for Star Wars tickets to tell Phil that he just dropped acid. featuring sidekick Bud Dickman.(0:08:15)

R.C. Exposed

In this episode, Phil exposes his character R.C.Collins and explains why he made him the way he is. from KFI circa '98(0:07:06)

R.C. Wants to Drop Out

R.C. explains dropping out of school after being cast in a Kevin Costner movie. from 1997.(0:35:04)

R.C.’s 16th Birthday

It's R.C.'s 16th Birthday, and Phil & the staff have kicked in on a nice gift for the boy. But when R.C. turns out to be an ingrate, Ruth from Anaheim and another old fogey [...]

R.C.’s Dad Really Loves Him

R.C.'s Dad is expressing his love by sending him a DDR 2000 arcade game and a Cadillac Escalade, so what if he hasn't seen him in five years! from January 2002.(0:04:45)

RC Does Ozzy!

RC calls in to not only report to Phil that Ozzy bit the head off a corpse but to do his impersonation of the aging rocker! from August 2002.(0:05:05)


R.C. Collins calls from Northridge hospital to discuss how he's dealing with his terminal disease. R.C. is a born again Christian who believes he is gonna be reincarnated as a bar [...]

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